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We’re excited to let you know that we have been acquired by AMD Supply! You’ll still receive the same great service you’ve come to expect from us, but now with added resources and capabilities. Keep reading for more information.


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Fortified UltraClear Storm Panel System

Optical grade polycarbonate for maximum clarity.  The clearest storm panel system on the market.  Lightweight design and laboratory tested to meet stringent building code guidelines for storm protective devices.  Our system offers a UV protective coating on both sides of the panel, allowing years of protection without color change or distortion.  The system is designed for direct mounting or with industry standard headers and tracks, and can be coupled with other approved panel systems.  Lightweight, affordable protection… with a view.

24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Storm Panels

The 24 gauge galvanized storm panel system provides excellent protection from the fury of the storm, at an extremely affordable price. Unlike various fabric products, hard panels provide substantial protection from flying objects, allowing protection without sacrificing your windows. Our panel system can be installed with direct mount hardware, or with headers for quicker installation and removal. When your budget is tight, you can protect your home, knowing you are giving your glass a chance to weather the storm. Our panel system is lightweight, stacks tightly, requiring minimum storage space, and can be reused as often as necessary – unlike plywood alternatives. Laboratory tested and building code approved.

The Fortified Building Products 24 Gauge Panel System The Perfect Combination of Affordability and Strength

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.050 Aluminum Storm Panel System

Fortified Building Products’s Aluminum Storm Panel System offers affordability and ease of installation.  Our panel system stacks neatly into a tight stack, requiring limited storage space.  Aluminum panels typically give you the benefits of  other panel systems, with the lightweight benefit of aluminum.   The .050 Aluminum Panel System allows the option of meeting the High Velocity Hurricane Zone standard with proper fastening, and can be installed with direct attachment, or with Headers and tracks.

Protect your home or office from flying debris with hard panel protection.  It’s the smart choice.

* Please note: Aluminum Panels require locked storage, due to the high value of scrap aluminum.

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