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StormSecure Impact Colonial Shutter System

The StormSecure Colonial System features the look of traditional colonials, found in historic regions throughout the United States.  The 1.25″ Blade offers the look of historic wooden shutters, yet constructed of aluminum and offering exceptional protection from Hurricane or Typhoon conditions.   The StormSecure Colonial System allows excellent airflow, in the closed position, allowing for protection without giving up ventilation in the process.   Our system can be closed from the inside or outside of the home, giving the customer the option of architectural appeal and ease of operation.

Colonial Shutters are self storing, so closure in adverse weather conditions is quick and extremely effective.   Enhance the look of your home or office, while providing outstanding protection when Nature releases its furious winds.   StormSecure Colonial Shutters – the perfect blend of styling and performance.

StormSecure Impact Colonial Shutters

  • Easy to operate
  • Optional pinlatch system
  • The traditional, historic look
  • Outstanding design pressure ratings
  • Low profile frame system
  • Available in a vast array of powdercoat finishes


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SEI Manufacturing’s Impact Board & Batten Colonial Shutters

The Fortified Building Products Line of Impact Board & Batten Colonial Shutters offers the traditional look of wooden shutters, with the strength and durability of aluminum.  Hinged on the sides, the Board & Batten Colonials offer outstanding protection from Mother Nature’s assault, and can be quickly operated to close off your window openings for durable protection from the elements.

StormSecure Decorative Colonial Shutters

Fortified Building Products’s StormSecure Decorative Colonials offer the traditional look of our impact colonial shutters, with slightly wider blade spacing, allowing for a lightweight design and more affordable pricing.   When impact ratings are not a concern, the StormSecure Decorative Colonials offer excellent protection from the elements, when engaged in the closed position, and the desirable look of traditional wooden shutters.   This system can be locked secure from inside or outside of the home.   We also offer the option of fixed installation for the decorative look, when hinged shutters are not a necessity.

StormSecure Non-Impact Decorative Colonial Shutters

  • Affordable pricing
  • The look of traditional colonial shutters
  • Hinged from the side, or fixed applications
  • Optional interior / exterior pinlatch system
  • Available in an array of powdercoat finishes
  • Strong, aluminum construction

** Note: This system has not passed laboratory testing for impact resistance.

** Note: In order to keep our pricing competitive, all FBP Decorative Colonial Shutters no longer come with storm bars included in the price.  Storm bars may be added with an upgrade charge.


Fortified Building Products Impact Board & Batten Colonials

  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable pricing
  • Laboratory tested to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds
  • Available in an array of colors to match any decor

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